Think small.

Think small.

Over 900 EDPs

With over 900 products launching in this new category, KSPT is committed to developing a comprehensive micro tool portfolio in record time.  Click here to download our new microtool catalog. 


We’re serious about Micro.

When we set out to create a micro tool portfolio, we didn’t want to create just any tool and add it to the noise in the micro tool market.  Instead we took our time, looked at industry trends and designed products that addressed them specifically.

Outstanding and thoroughly inspected substrate quality, tighter control of manufacturing processes, smart packaging, and dependable logistics that can move our products around the world safely and efficiently. The tools might be small, but the innovation and investment is huge.


Unrivaled quality. 

KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools’ own internal metallurgical lab inspects every substrate material that eventually turns into cutting tool, micro and macro.  This commitment to quality means that every tool shipped meets stringent quality qualifications, resulting in superior cutting performance and part consistency.


In stock, ready to ship 

We’ve spent millions engineering an efficient shipping strategy and inventory infrastructure.  As a result, we keep our products stocked, ready to ship quickly.



We’re experts in Macro.

Our high performance round solid carbide cutting tools are known the world over for amazing tool life and industry leading productivity.  From the legendary Z-Carb to the next generation Z-Carb HPR, the KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools name stands for innovation and relentless pursuits for ever increasing value at the spindle.



Unmatched results.

Our standard-size  round solid carbide cutting tools are known for impressive tool life and simultaneous machining quality.  As a result of our expansive quality control and manufacturing consistency, every tool is produced to comprehensively tackle the demands of our most technical end users.   KSPT’s micro tools are no different.  Through independent lab testing, KSPT’s micro lineup has been proven to outlast, and out machine our competitors.